Path Lights – LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency

Howdy, Thanks for ones moment regarding reading the LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency article. At this point you are in suitable website, in the event are searhing for Path Lights product. Today I wish to discussing along with you in relation to LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency. However desire this publish LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency are going to be helpful info to suit your needs before you decide to buy Path Lights item. This particular LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency merchandise is considered one of merchandise by LISOPO organization.

Here you can red the LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency Description:

LED Solar Lamp 

1.Type: Ball Bulbs
2.Total Emitters: 12
3.Output Power: 1.5W
4.Lumen: 140LM
5.Battery: 1500Mah
6.Waterproof grade: IP65
7.Color temperature: 6000K
8.Voltage (V): 5V
9..Material: Plastic

The photovoltaic panel is fixed in the roof or a place with sufficient sunlight, the wire is introduced into a room, and the plug is plugged in the port for charging (This solar shed light can be charged by 5-8V charger as well).
Energy saving and environment-friendly outdoor solar camping lights. High performance, strong practicability, durable.
With a hook which is removable, easy to hang on and long lifespan outdoor camping light.
The light on the top of the bulb will always be red if it is in charging condition. Only when the line is not connected or switch to OFF, the light will be turn off.
Pay Attention please:If the bulb you received is not light,don’t worry,put it on the strong sunlight of outside about several hours,the bulb will be light!
But if it doesn’t work,It because the bulb was no electricity,you can charge it direct by Android line with the USB for a night.Then the lights will be work as normal.
And if you have any questions about the useage of the bulb,pls feel free to cantact us,Thanks!

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The LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM LED Lamp Lighting for Home Camping Emergency Price :

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